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Circle of Intrigue - The hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy
Автор: Texe Marrs
Година: 1995
Издател: -
Цена: 30 лв.
Номер: 8533
Наличност: 1
Описание: Cloaked in mystery and shrouded in secrecy, ten ruthless men comprise the "Inner Circle" of the Illuminati conspiracy. In this explosive book, based on over nine years of intense, investigative research, Texe Marrs exposes the diabolical Plan which these evil men call their "Great Work." He unmasks their occult religion and discloses how this hidden group meets privately behind closed doors and issues strict orders through a network of agents and associates spread throughout the globe. The Inner Circle sets the agenda for such notorious agencies as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Priory of Sion, the Order of Skull & Bones, and the Grand Lodges of Freemasonry. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Russian KGB, and British Intelligence also work for the Inner Circle and enforce its directives. Presidents, prime ministers, and dictators alike bow to this hidden group and plot together for World Government. Does the Inner Circle also control President Bill Clinton, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senate Leader Bob Dole, General Colin Powell, and billionaire Ross Perot?