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Under Fire
Автор: W.E.B. Griffin
Година: -
Издател: Jove Books
Цена: 10 лв.
Номер: 14111
Наличност: 1
Описание: Безплатна доставка - W.E.B. Griffin - Under Fire. In the long-awaited ninth book in the Corps series, Griffin leaves WWII behind and thrusts his readers deep into the heart of the Korean War; June 1, 1950: Captain Ken McCoy's report on probable North Korean hostilities meets with so much bureaucratic displeasure that not only is it promptly suppressed, but McCoy himself is kicked out of the Corps. The CIA, however, promptly hires McCoy and, on June 25th, the North Koreans invade across the 38th paralell. For recalled veterans Fleming Pickering and his daredevil son Malcolm, Ed Banning, George Hart, Jack Stecker, Jake Dillon and Ernie Zimmerman, names such as Inchon, Pusan and the Choisin Reservoir are about to acquire a new, bloody reality...